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Jiangxi Jin'an Re-certified as High and New Technology Enterprise

In July 2022, Jiangxi Jin'an Forest Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully re-certified as "High and New Technology Enterprise".



"High and New Technology Enterprises" are high growth, innovative enterprises acknowledged by the government. The evaluation of this certification follows a strict process, with conditions including but not limited to:

1. The proportion of R & D personnel shall be no less than 10% of the total staff of the year.

2. The proportion of the income from high-tech products (services) shall be no less than 60% of the enterprise’s total income of the most recent year.

3. The enterprise did not have any major safety incidents, quality accidents or serious environmental violations within one year before applying for the certification.


The certification fully recognizes KOMO's business performance, technological innovation, research and development, environmental protection, and quality & safety management in recent years.


In addition, being a "High and New Technology Enterprise" enables KOMO to enjoy talent attraction support, branding support and other benefits from the government, which will be conducive to the sustainable development of the enterprise.