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Contribute to Ordinary Position

Contribute to Ordinary Position 


——Record the excellent employee of Jinan Woods Group called Xiao Yongzhan


  He is an ordinary granulizer of Jinan Woods Group. He has been engaged in ordinary and boring granulation work for 11 years. He has worked hard for more than a decade to “do the ordinary things with his heart”. He is always working diligently with a heart of love and dedication. And he is always reflecting his value in life with a positive and enthusiastic work attitude and down-to-earth energy. He is Xiao Yongzhan, a granulator at Jinan Woods Group’s resin workshop. He was awarded "The Group's Annual Excellent Staff" in 2016.

  Before he started his career, he had worked as a teacher for nine years, worked as a deputy director of a village committee for three years, and had experience in teaching and educating and grassroots management. In June 2006, he joined Jinan. He said: "In the past 11 years, I have grown up together with Jinan, I made progress with it together. As for me, the relationship between Jinan and me is extraordinary. There is a hard-to-separate feeling in the bottom of my heart.

  He always maintains a high level of enthusiasm and positive work attitude in the process of working, and he always has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication towards his career. He often said: “After many years of training and tempering, I fully understood the enterprise spirit of “Diligent, Pragmatic, Studious, Hard-working” and the profound meaning of the company’s advanced culture. As an ordinary employee, I’m not able to create economic benefits directly for the group, but I can try my best to do my own job best, it just just like the function of a small screw on the machine, although it is common, it plays an indispensable role.” Therefore, he loves his work, fulfills his duty, and strives to be a qualified "screw" to the big machine.

  He is responsible for the granulation work mainly include changing the filter rods and filter bags, adjusting the bagging device, detecting whether the product is overflowing or not, adjusting the speed of the steel strip in time, and preventing the nozzle from clogging. In his daily work, he observes the operation of the equipment frequently. He discovers and deals with abnormal phenomena and accidents in the granulation system in time. He changes the filter to clean the raw materials to prevent impurities in the products, and often checks the condition of the water tap to prevent the high temperature from affecting the product quality.

  What’s more, he not only concentrates on his own work, but also considers the company issues. In the granulation operation, he can promptly provide improvement suggestions to management personnel, saving costs for the company, and improving efficiency. In the work of changing filter nets, he explored a method of folding nets directly without using aluminum skins. Practice has proved that this method is feasible. Under his proposal, the method of changing filter nets was changed from the original practice. The implementation of his method has saved the company four or five thousand RMB in network replacement costs this year.

  In addition to doing pelletizing work, he also attaches great importance to on-site 6S management, he does a good job of cleaning and wiping the granulator and the ground which are in charge of him to keep them in good hygienic condition. The area under his jurisdiction has become a model for the 6S management of the workshop and is often praised by management personnel. He is also hot to help others. When he sees the packaging staff busy, he will also run to help. He is also willing to help others. He is eager to help the packing staff when them are too busy.