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I see myself forgotten in the office

I see myself forgotten in the office

- Ceng Zhaojun

Night, hidden in the depths of the light

Around a dark, dark like charades

Even if is sunlight during the day don't come in

I often forget the terminator switch

Is the silence of the darkness deepens

In the howl of soul fills the night

Time, is not moving

Is our heart to make it run

Dark night gave me black eyes

I use it in the studio, peep at the distance

A stabbing pain was very light

Hate to sleep, I hope long awake

Although the eyelid is dry, eyes into a line

Although the view has been blurred, the heart began to blur

But also reading articles, watching movies, drink coffee

Rats like hunting for food

Mice and irritable on the ceiling

And while they make to complain

Impatiently waiting for me to leave

Even gnawing wires in an attempt to put out the lights

The approximation to me in the night

Left me lonely since due to the risk

Steal my sleep

Try to use correct life poetry

I have been to usurp power

Li bai, du fu and su shi always seized me

The text dialogue with them

I move between bony statements

Looking for food

My loneliness is like a pot of simmering with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Mix with cola and coffee under irrigation

Stomach is not a decent poem fermentation

Heart in a dull and lonely, I need the spirit of trance

I tried to break through from the reality

Concerned about the national economy and people's livelihood in the virtual space

When feeling hurt in the fantasy world, kuang shi and helpful

And how can I ignore, age accumulation

For I am inching narrow space

This world, I need the last three square meters

Would it be possible for me to have the loneliness of a land of foundation

Can cast my shadow

Although under the fluorescent lamp can't see it

Also can let my body

Stand up, or lie down