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Have the courage to step out for the first time

For the first time is always need courage, but also for the first time often leads to unexpected harvest, the first is to explore, is challenge and opportunity, is the sublimation, a lot of times people for the first time, also with deep the brand of The Times, and even the memory of the country, let us go to thank these opportunities, also thank you for giving the opportunity of our great times. - "the reader" prologue

When the first time in life, we will feel how brilliant life, full of hope and future. After the baby is born, the first call mom and dad, for the first time learning to walk; After school, the first fight, first prize; When I grow up, to make friends with the opposite sex for the first time, for the first time to go to work to make money... They are like the stars, so deeply in our mind.

In fact, each choice, change the runway, there is on the first day of the freshness? Excited to think for the first time, looking forward to the challenge of the unknown, but also want to grow in learning.

Have the courage to make the first move


Professional, for the first time, the word is a bit of desperation, involving the unknown things, because professional and quail. Great oaks grow from little acorns, however, make the first move, it is not so difficult as you think. Me deep impression was studying choreography newspaper, tasks, at the beginning of my heart is uneasy, after all, never contact typesetting, impression, the designer can put the pieces of intravenous drip into a visual feast, the design was so professional and unattainable. In the end, I decided to have the courage to try.

Learning and knowledge is not enough, teaching and studies


Through the first attempt to layout inside publish, I realized that taken its first step, to want to do things have the foundation of cognition and understanding, can eliminate your heart the feeling of panic. I realized that a newspaper is to work not only to the good quality of the article, but also consider the design of the font, color collocation, choreography of pictures and words, etc., a lot of content. Slowly you will find that more and more think continue to explore, expect to become a professional higher-ups. But often are ideal is very plentiful, reality is very skinny. Learning and knowledge is not enough, teaching and studies. When we really understand, you really can experience what is real "professional". It takes courage for the first time, because this is an exploration of the unknown, likely to lead to unexpected harvest, but also is likely to reach the ideal result. While we don't have to too the result of the struggle is not ideal, adjust good mentality, to continue exploring spirit, believe that once we know also have a work day.

Don't put the good into the last time for the first time

We always pursue perfect, but not everything is perfect, too demanding, sometimes backfire. Put a lot of good in the first time into the last time. Every one of us will be enthusiastic in the beginning, but when he found himself more and more control over the process of development, when the expected result is not what you, tends to be depressed. Actually, in my opinion, in the short time we are unable to grasp control, with the result of many and we really need to do is to cherish from the "first" to "last" during the every minute, every thing, always let yourself on every minute of every thing maintain a high level of enthusiasm, just as the famous actor wang xueqi said: some things as you can do things, to adhere to, and stick to it, I think that will be able to achieve the goal of their expectations.

I hope we are faced with "no fear" for the first time, and the face of the last time to "no regret", both exploration, is a challenge, an opportunity and sublimation, try to do it.

The text/shu-hsien tseng