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To make family alum products with "spirit"

To make family alum products with "spirit"

Spirit is the recent media to promote more of a concept. On the two sessions this year, prime minister li keqiang is put forward in the government work report, to encourage enterprises to carry out the personalized customization, flexible production, cultivating strives for perfection the spirit of craftsman in increasing variety, quality, creates the brand. From then on, the word "spirit" has become the social from all walks of life continue to focus on the hot word, also become the focus of the enterprise.


Artisans, refers to the builders have technological expertise. Spirit, it is to point to people for their own product excellence, finely crafted, pursuit of perfection, and perfection of the spirit. Its core content should include two aspects of conscientiousness and dedication. Conscientiousness is primarily technical level, refers to the people continue to carve your own products, continuously improve its technology, the perfect product and perfection, quality will be increased from 99% to 99%. Dedication is the attitude level, mainly refers to people's belief to the pursuit to perfect products, dedication to work, determination, focus, dedication, steadfast attitude.

Spirit is the soul of enterprise living. A enterprise want to enduring, become old enterprises, must be the craftsman tradition as its core values, let the spirit of craftsman in each employee takes root in the heart, in spirit to create the company zero defect products, make enterprise products have strong competitiveness, become the demand of the market. Swiss watches are popular the world, man, it is because the Swiss watchmaker to every parts, each working procedure, each a watch carefully polished, carve attentively. In the eyes of the Swiss craftsmen, only on the quality of excellence, to manufacture meticulously, pursuit of perfect. In addition, there is no other. There's a sushi restaurant was founded in 1965, the Japanese store only 10 seats, master limited time only 15 minutes, meal seats have to be booked one month in advance. In spite of this, gourmands still insist on to eat the "worth a lifetime wait for sushi". Because it depends on the store, the founder of the spirit of craftsman in silurian ono thanks to his carefully selected ingredients, elaborate, meticulous service concept. If an enterprise get rich quick, only care about their profits, only pay attention to product packaging and form, is only a flash in the pan, not for a long time.


Spirit is employee personal branding, become irreplaceable, respected, loved by the boss of the important thought. If a staff set up the spirit, will be away from working attitude, set up the business point of view, will be long-term to stick to and focus in the work, to keep improving the attitude and skills, the pursuit of perfection of the product and perfect, miracles and wonderful show process, create amazing and admire clever unsurpassed work, become everyone's favorite craftsmen. In Germany, people think the skills of a dedicated operators and scientists. In Japan, if you known as builders, that will be will be affected by a great deal of respect. In our country, the builders will also get social and enterprises alike. Just think, one can make irreplaceable works of others, a person can produce perfect products, how can not become a public concern and respect? Instead, a heart with no set, half-hearted, grasshopper, opportunistic, tasted, just ok not to have a good mastery of employees will be eliminated by the society. Therefore, inheritance and carry forward the spirit, not only is the need of the survival and development, more wonderful life, brilliant career by return.

How to carry forward and cultivate the spirit of the craftsmen, the author thinks that we should do from both enterprises and individuals to work on. As enterprise should build and cultivate the spirit of craftsman in the environment and culture, on the propaganda, pay attention to spirit spread with thick pen heavy variety, constantly raise staff awareness on the craftsman; In training, adhere to continuously develop the employee's work skills, make the employees have the ability to be craftsman; In treatment, continuously improve the material and spiritual treatment of craftsmen, establish advocating labor, advocating skills, advocate to create incentives.

As an employee, should be in fine fine, persistent specificity. The first thing to love your job, the job as a mission, as a life of faith and pursuit; To concentrate on their work, secondly to meticulous work, finely crafted, making zero defect products; 3 it is to work to rigorous, in great detail, every detail to do, doing every little thing perfectly; Four is to work diligently, with their own sweat pouring products, every day to do more than others, never slack; Five is a stick to their own work, maintain the target does not relax, tolerance for solitude, stand the temptation, for a read and stick to individual life brand, make everybody respected craftsman.

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