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Feeling "do things right the first time"

: "first is doing things right"

The end of the year, group company first proposed "zero defect" quality goal. This year, to achieve "zero defect" quality goal, group company organized training of "zero defect" quality issues. Training, hear the word is "first is doing things right". It is worth our deep thinking and exploration. What we all did the right things right the first time, the work quality and efficiency must be impeccable. But the other words is easy, it's quite a difficult. Based on this, we should think more its significance and practice.

"First is doing things right"

"First is doing things right" refers to the accords with a requirement to do things right the first time, don't do the second time or many times. Its meaning I think I should have the following:

1, to save time, save costs. Put things right the first time, there are no second or more, the saving work time. Due to the fastest time, and also is the most save on costs. On the contrary, not for the first time, repeated, will produce the repeatability waste of manpower and material resources and time.

2, ensure safety and quality of ascension. Is doing things right the first time, said that the standards and procedures in doing things to reach for the first time, this will make the safety and quality risk control in zero, if the company every employee at the first did the right thing, not the safety and quality accident, so to speak. Did not do the right, for the first time that had been pregnant with the risk of safety and quality.

3, improve literacy, lead attitude. "Doing things right the first time to" is not a simple work standard, but a change all organizations and individuals effective work philosophy and methods. Do any work, can't we just stay in the level of "how to do it well", and should be positioned in the "how to do it right," this is our work and life should have a good attitude.

4, little detours, achievement dream. "First is doing things right" is a key to success, it is a kind of not to any approach to compromise does not conform to the requirements, it is the most direct impact on your work and life quality. Once a person has set this kind of idea, his work and life is bound to be plain sailing, his dream will be achieved.

How to achieve "first is doing things right"


"First is doing things right" is the core content of zero defect quality, is the highest state of the person to do things, is the high standard of work and life. So, how to achieve this state? The author thinks that, from the following several aspects:

1, sets up the idea, make it a habit. Everything there is a concept and attitude problem. If we mind firmly set up the "first is doing things right" concept, we will do every job has fully prepared, can let the only do things right the first time to do things, will be away from "man to err, to err is human." "error is inevitable, rework is normal" "it doesn't matter, still have a chance" and so on, let oneself formed the good habit of do for the first time. Insist on doing things for the first time every time of good style of work.

2, clear standards, do the right thing. Do "to" means that conform to the standards and requirements. The standards and requirements must be regulations and the relevant provisions of the industry, or the requirements of customers, not think good and bad. Therefore, before we do anything, be sure to learn and master the standards and requirements, the standards and requirements by heart. When things go to these standards and in strict accordance with the requirements of operation, efforts to meet the standards and requirements. Only in this way can we say what we do is to work in the right track, otherwise we may run counter to, also not is doing things right the first time.

3, control process, to do things right. When we after work has been clear about the targets, standards and requirements, then, then, is in the process of doing things, do the right thing in right way. How do you ensure that do things correctly? Work is the key to enhance the sense of responsibility and ability, in the process of doing things should have the sense of responsibility and have the spirit of perseverance, in addition, in the process of the work to ensure good skills and methods. For possible errors in the process of have a clear understanding, at any time to correct errors that may occur.

4, mutual cooperation, achieve win-win situation. Modern society, most of the work is need to mutual cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, the good cooperation with others is very important. If you want to put things right the first time, must be effective cooperate with other people, on the other hand, you is to coordinate well with other employees, to ensure that other employees in doing things right the first time. In order to get win-win situation, and so have a good cooperation spirit, has the good team consciousness, the process of the operation, does not produce bad products, not passing bad product, don't accept bad product, the error of zero tolerance, keep yourself everywhere do get things right the first time.

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