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Be post vanguard

Be post vanguard

(word/Yu Bing gold)

In the morning, the sun rises in the east

Sprinkle with golden light

People began to busy

The sun is to meet our way

Yes, we go to work

The company in the call

Jobs are waiting for

As we rush around, in a hurry

Water moist roots in his post

The flowers in their own positions show delicate and charming

Bees in their own positions of hard powder

Can we in their respective positions on the display

When the world first, may be too ethereal, high

Achievement is not necessarily must be the richest man in life

Aura of life is not necessarily must be the country's supreme leader

However, we are able to be the pioneer of jobs


Do the job better

The company issued the successful completion of the task

The customer needs to do beyond expectations

This is our best mission

You is the staff of the company, wuxi

With love and smile

Touched by customers, moved by the employees

Diligence, striving, enterprising and beyond

In this post, you are the vanguard

With loyalty and execution, write down the youth struggle of the oath

You're a line workers, as a component of the device

Hold position, obey the operating rules

Every day will be brewing into honey

Filter the impurities and flashy, retain the essence and quality

In this post, you are the vanguard

Production record sheet, is peppered with your life

You are the mechanics, the patron saint of equipment

A pair of rough hand pulse for the machines, auscultation equipment running

Maintenance, you carefully

Hidden dangers rectification, timely you safe

In this post, you are the vanguard

On-call, overtime is always you busy figure

There are many many jobs vanguard,

May be the factory director, manager, may be a secretary, supervisor

Perhaps is a driver, a salesman, may be cleaners, security officer...

Every post, is a glorious banner

Bright colors derived from itself

Flying from noble faith power

At the same time in the show

Guide the others

Every job is very ordinary,

Just seem to use a hammer, a steel,

Or a chair, a liquid crystal display

No, each a post, is the orientation of life

Your job is to show your talent platform

So, for our jobs

Please let us from the heart

Deeply shout: I like it! I love

Then, use of powerful vitality

Draw the post forging into a magnetic field

So, each of us a worker

Starting from the position

Here is the starting point of our cause

Here is our growth platform

Here can do unit vanguard

On the job beyond the self, you are vanguard

Surmount forefathers on jobs, you are the vanguard

On the job creation achievement, you are the vanguard

On the job become the cutting edge exemplary, you are the vanguard

Wisdom comes from diligence, and great from the ordinary

In the ordinary post to make extraordinary performance

And post all peer, and jobs growth

For post vanguard, become a peer vanguard

This is our pursuit, is our ideal